Mont Blanc Miesterstück 146 Le Grand (Black)

Mont Blanc is one of the most prestigious of luxury fountain pen makers and that is reflected in their price. This in turn leads to a large market in fake Mont Blanc pens. This German pen maker has been producing this design of ‘cigar-shaped’ pen since the 1920s and spawned hundreds of similarly shaped pens. The 146 is a smaller and slimmer version of the famous ‘oversize’ 149 model. In length, it is intermediate in size between the similarly shaped Platinum #3776 and Pilot Custom 823. Miesterstück means Masterpiece in German. It is a piston filler with a striped ink window, features a 14K two-tone gold nib (medium) and the number 4810 on it – the height of Mont Blanc in metres. Like all Mont Blanc pens, it has the 6 pronged ‘snowcap’ logo on the tip of the cap.

Because of the high price of new Mont Blancs, I acquired this pen second hand and at a reasonable price due to over 20 years of wear and some minor damage to the cap. But it is still an excellent writer.