Namisu Naos (Bronze)

You wouldn’t guess it from the name, but Namisu is a fairly new pen maker from Scotland and specialises in all-metal pens. The Naos model is made in either Aluminium, Titanium or Bronze. This bronze model is made from a solid bar of bronze and weighs in at a massive 77 grams. It is fitted with a broad Bock #6 nib and writes very smoothly. Over time, the bronze will acquire a patina; the photos above show it ‘as bought’.

Namisu describe the design of this pen as follows: “The Naos was inspired by the Brutalist architectural style pioneered in the 1950s by famous architect Le Corbusier. It favoured rough textures such as raw concrete and large minimalist forms to create buildings imposing sense of scale and utilitarian feel”. ‘Naos’ is the Greek word for the inner chamber of a temple.