Parker 180 (Laque Jasper Red Quartz)

The Parker 180 was made between 1977 and 1985 and this is a French made model. It was produced as an upmarket pen in a period when fountain pens were largely out of fashion. It was notable for being very slim (about 9mm in diameter at the middle) and had an elongated dagger like nib. The ‘180’ referred 180° and to the fact that it was marketed as being able to be used with the reverse side of the nib, producing a very fine line. In fact many pens and most Parkers have always been able to do this as the tipping material usually extends to the rear of the nib. A fine line is produced because used in reverse, it tends to close up the tines rather than opening them up. Because the nib was so long and thin, a metal bar was used on the top of the nib to prevent damage by giving the gold nib more stiffness. This type of nib was later used with the semi-hooded ‘Classic’ model.