Conklin Duragraph (Cracked Ice)

This attractive pen is based on the original Duragraph model produced by Conklin in the 1920s. However, things are not quite what they seem. Conklin can be seen as the US counterpart of Conway Stewart in the UK. Both companies date back many years (Conklin from 1898) but closed and the brand resurrected by a new company, which produces some models from the classic pens of the past. However, whereas Conway Stewart is an up-market company producing handmade pens, Conklin has outsourced its manufacture overseas. While one source suggests this is Italy, the fact that this pen’s feed is identical to  Jinhao models, strongly suggests that they are made in China. The nib may say Toledo but neither the modern Conklin company nor this pen has been anywhere near the place.

For all that, the pen has a pleasant classic design and writes well.