Kaigelu 316 Century Stars (Marble White)

The Kaigelu 316 is, like the Moonman M600S and Jinhao Centennial, a copycat of the Parker Duofold Centennial and like the Moonman its main attraction is the delightful body pattern. Unusually, this pen is made from Celluloid, the oldest form of thermoplastic dating from 1856, which is rarely used these days because it is highly flammable. Like many acrylic pens, the celluloid body is somewhat translucent and the pen section and nib can be seen through the cap body. It appears that Celluloid is also very light and to make the pen more substantial, the two end caps are made of brass. This makes it go the other way, however, as the pen weighs a massive 48 grams, compared to the Moonman and original Parker Duofold Centennial at 29 grams. Kaigelu means Kangaroo and this is featured on the nib and end cap of the pen.

Buying Chinese pens can be a bit ‘pot-luck’ with regards to writing quality, but I seem to be lucky with this one which writes very smoothly with no hard starts and just a hint of ‘pencil’ feedback.