Moonman C1 (Clear/Red)

This Moonman pen, like many Chinese pens, has been criticised as being a copy of an existing pen, in this case Newton Pens Shinobi model (hand-crafted and very expensive), but it is nevertheless a little out of the ordinary. It is a clear ‘demonstrator’ pen but with a difference. It not only comes with a cartridge converter (and hence could take cartridges), but is primarily designed as an ‘eye dropper’ pen, requiring manual filling between bottle and pen by an ‘eye-dropper’. The advantage of such pens is the enormous ink volume that they can hold, as the entire body is one large ink reservoir, but without the additional complexity of a piston. To keep the ink from leaking, an ‘O ring’ rubber seal is provided and a little grease can also help it stay water tight. As with my Moonman M600S, the standard Moonman fine nib was exchanged for a Jinhao medium nib, but later I further swapped this for a quality German Bock nib. The cap has no clip, but to prevent the pen from rolling, it has one flat side, which is not easy to see, even in the photos below.