Moonman M600S (Teal)

Moonman is a slightly more upmarket Chinese pen maker than some of the others. This model, the M600S is a very good ‘copy-cat’ of the Parker Duofold Centennial at a fraction of the price. Stainless steel nib, of course, but the colour patterns of the acrylic body are very pleasing. The sub-surface reflections create an effect known in the jewellery trade as ‘chatoyance’. This model was supplied with three nibs: the Moonman Fine, a Jinhao Medium and a Jinhao ‘bent’ – a specialist calligraphy pen (known as fude) for writing Chinese characters. I originally fitted the medium nib which I prefer to the fine. However, after experience with the Bock nib on the Moonman C1, I have now fitted this pen with a gold plated #6 Bock broad nib, which writes even better.