Platinum #3776 Century (Bourgogne)

This pen, one of Platinum’s top models, seems to pay homage to Mont Blanc, as the height of Mount Fuji is 3776 metres. This mimics Mont Blanc’s pens that always have 4810 on their nibs, the height of Mont Blanc.

The body, made of lightweight acrylic resin, is a semi-transparent burgundy colour, allowing the inner features of the pen to be seen. The particular feature of this pen, which makes it ideal for occasional use, addresses one of the common problems of fountain pens, especially when they are not used frequently, that is, the ink can dry out or evaporate completely. The #3776 features a ‘slip & seal’ mechanism, such that when the cap is screwed on, a sprung internal cap engages with the pen and forms an airtight seal.